two man indie games studio

Making fun indie games for PC and consoles with the power of Unity

we are...

Two brothers who enjoy working on games! We started working on our first game almost 2 years ago. We made few games since then, and more importantly had a lot of fun! Currently we’re working on a game called Cody’s Nightmare and plan to release it on PC in spring 2024, and on Nintendo Switch in summer/fall 2024.

we made...

Icy Picy

Icy Picy is a game about a cute penguin named Picy who is trying to save the world from global warming.

Cody’s Nightmare

Cody’s Nightmare is a pixel art platformer metroidvainia about a little boy named Cody who is trapped in his nightmare! His only way out is to overcome all of his fears!

Pick A Side

Pick a Side was a little game that we made for a Game Jam called Geo Jam. The game starts by player choosing either blue or red side, and then battling the other side.

Luci Breaks The Internet

Luci Breaks The Internet is a game that we made for Brackeys Game Jam. It’s about a little devil named Luci who is so frustrated because of his bad internet connection that he decided to make some chaos!

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